Which shipping method is right for me?

Which shipping is right for me?  

There are a number of ways to ship your package so that it arrives in your hands safely. Choose your method depending on needs. White Rabbit recommends that you always choose a shipping method with a tracking number from medium-priced purchases.

If a non-trackable shipment fails to arrive(Link to relevant page here), you will be required to wait until the package is returned to us and you will be asked to cover shipping costs again.  Shipments without tracking numbers also are not insured.


the fastest and safest way to deliver packages, with reliable tracking and insurance up to 2,000,000 yen. Choose if you

-want your package delivered as fast as possible

-have an large order / cannot afford a lost/misplaced package

- do not mind a higher shipping fee

Airmail - a reasonably fast way to deliver packages. Available with or w/o tracking. Choose if you

-want your package delivered in a reasonable amount of time

-are ordering non-expensive items

- want to save money on shipping fees without sacrificing speed

ePacket- Faster than SAL, and cheaper than Airmail. Tracking and 6000 yen insurance included.  Recommended option for small items under 2kg. Choose if you

-Want your packages delivered in a reasonable amount of time

-Are ordering items under 2kg

-Want tracking and insurance

Economy Air (SAL) -  Airmail on a budget.  May not be available in certain countries. Available with or without tracking. Choose if you

-Are on a tight budget

-Do not mind waiting for your package

-Are fine with no tracking number

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